ABS Alpha Group GmbH



1993 – 2001: How it all began

In 1993, ABS Bürosysteme Handels GmbH is founded by Markus Laube in Bad Vilbel, Germany. The company is owner-operated up until today. ABS is specialized on the distribution of high-quality office furniture of various well known producers.

A framework contract with the US government is the beginning of a long-term collaboration with NATO-partners and US Forces. ABS is one of the few companies with such business contacts. This fact does not only speak for uniqueness, but also for an extensive service orientation that is not only worshiped by American customers.

ABS Bürosysteme Handels GmbH focuses on the distribution of prefabricated buildings in steel or timber/wooden construction for permanent or temporary use. Additionally, the company offers various solutions in the field of room and environmental technology.

2001 – 2004: Might as well do it yourself?

Quality is a main concern for ABS. The decision to actually produce the distributed products is therefore an easy one. This way, customer satisfaction can be reached without compromises to be made.

In Frankfurt am Main, a second location with computer-operated production facilities is built. Since then, custom-made orders can be done easily. With creativity and inventiveness, the company is able to combine a classic style with modern layout options.

2004 – 2007: A very own line

After a one-year development the time is finally here: for the first time, ABS designs their own product lines. Brisol, Swindon, Sheffield und Cornwall go into production. Experience and know-how made this brave step possible. The initial distributor is now also a full manufacturer.

2007 – 2009: Expansion takes its course

The past years were exciting and successful. With that in mind, it is clear that the first sod for a new company building is not long in coming. The location in the industrial area of Bad Vilbel, offers plenty of room and can easily combine production and administration. The mix of a production site and a warehouse in steel construction creates a special atmosphere. The exhibition and administration space is compound from modular office space. This special type of building is not only cost-effective and energy-efficient, but also serves as a standard building for customers to view. All in all, a very modern and representative workplace!

2009 – Today: ABS Alpha Group GmbH

The transformation of ABS Alpha Bürosysteme GmbH into ABS Alpha Group GmbH leads to an improved company structure. The segments Office Furniture (Bürosysteme) – Modular Buildings (Raumsysteme) – Hotel Interior (Hoteleinrichtung) – Classic Cars are now more clearly laid-out. Whether in need of a modular space or a large hotel interior: The new company form can meet up to the expectations of its various customers. ABS stays on its dynamic path: the outplacement of parts of the production to Portugal, allows keeping prices, costs and quality on a consistent level.

After almost two decades in the business, ABS is still a company, where quality, creativity and specifically customer satisfaction is most important.
Our segments at a glance!

ABS Alpha Group GmbH goes online with a newly structured website. The 4 company segments are presented on individual categories, this way, customers can obtain information according to their requirements.